National Honor Society

– National Honor Society Applications for UNDERCLASSMEN will be accepted until Friday, February 17th, 2023.
– The National Honor Society Induction will be held in May


For a copy of the National Honor Society Application and Community Service Log, please click on the following links.



In order to be selected, a student must fill out the attached application and meet ALL of the membership qualifications.  It is important to know that NHS is not just an academic organization; service, leadership, and character are equally important in the selection and membership process.  The membership qualifications are as follows:


GRADE LEVEL – Students grades 10-12 are qualified to apply for membership.


GPA – Students must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 weighted (page 8)


LEADERSHIP – Students must exhibit leadership.  Officer, manager, captain, and internship positions will earn each student 2 points per position (page 3).  Membership in a club/organization or holding a job at the time of application will earn the student 1 point (page 4).  Students will also earn 1 point for any award or special honor received while at CCHS (page 5).  Students must earn the following points in order to be considered for membership in the NHS:

9th grade = 5 points

10th grade = 7 points Total = 12 points

11th grade = 9 points Total = 21 points

12th grade = 11 points Total = 32 points


CHARACTER – Student’s should submit a minimum of 5 faculty recommendations.  Distribute the sheet to your current teachers; they will return the evaluation to Ms. Berkoben, Ms. Bush, or Mrs. Cutler.  Faculty will rate character traits on a 1 to 4-point scale for those students they have had during the current school year (page 11).  Students must receive at least 94% from the teachers who graded them.  The percentage will be calculated as follows: the total number of points earned divided by the total number of points possible.


SERVICE – Students must show that they have contributed to the community.  Students will receive two points for every five hours of community service they have completed (page 6).   Community service is service rendered to a non-profit organization where no payment is received.   Immediate family members may not serve as supervisors for community service hours.  Students must earn the following points in order to be considered for membership in CCHS NHS:

9th grade =4 points

10th grade = 6 points Total = 10 points (25 hours)

11th grade = 9 points Total = 19 points (45 hours)

12th grade = 12 points Total = 31 points (75 hours)


ESSAY – In addition to the requirements listed above, students must submit an essay written in MLA format (page 7).

Please be as specific as possible on your application.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.  You must make it very clear on your application what type of service you completed, or what position you held in a club or on a job.  Hours given MUST be specific (ex:  do not put once a week).  If the Honor Society Committee cannot determine how many hours/positions are held, you will not receive the points for that section.  

For more information, please contact NHS sponsors:

Mrs. Taylor Cutler:

Ms. Stephanie Berkoben:

Mrs. Tamara Bush-Del Vecchio: